ReferencePoint.ByCoordinates does not work

I tried to do the second tutorial of to create a referencepoint by coordinates. When I used it into the the “Conceptual Mass” Family I first created a blank conceptual mass file, then prepared the dynamo script. It shows the point correctly in dynamo, but the reference point in revit does not move, though the point in dynamo is shown correctly in new place.
But the properties of the reference point in revit are connected with that of dynamo, what is to see, if doubleclick on the reference point.

If I now change the number in dynamo, the offset does change also in revit, but the damned point does not move, hrgrrmbll…
Would be delighted about any idea!


You ve right!
i tried to get information from the point when you do it manualy.

But when you create from dynamo it does not work

Thanks for the info.

So this is a bug?