Beginner here

Hi guys,

I’m new to this revit and dynamo thing. after installing both i used the parametrics of dynamo but on the revit screen nothing shows up. <- that s what i tried to do

Unbenannt Unbenannt2





that warning is what i get. i tried almost everything to get something… but nothing works… maybe i did the installation wrong i dont know really. i need some help here

Sorry about my poor english.

And thanks in return.

Looks like you’re in a project file. You need to be in a family file in order to make ref points.

i’ve tried it, doesnt work :frowning:

Which family template are you using?

i’m sorry for the late answer, was out of town… which template i use… actually it is german… i click on the family section “new” and choose “allgemeines modell adaptiv (metrisch)” something like “general model adaptive (metric)”, if that’s what you meant.

Creating reference points should definitely work in an adaptive component template. Maybe you had a project file open at the same time and Dynamo was pointing at the project file and not the family file - at least that’s what the error message suggests. If it still doesn’t work, I’d recommend trying it in Vasari.

okay… i tried it in vasari… this time there is no error message but still nothing on display. im pretty sure that im doing something wrong. but i dont know what


okay, i tried an existing dynamo parametric and “it is aliveee”… but my first try is lacking something

Maybe you need to post your file here so we can find the cause why it doesn’t work.