My first time...doesn't work...?


Hi all,

I’ve got a very simple problem: this is my first time using dynamo, I’m trying to draw a simple reference point and inside dynamo viewport it works good but it doesn’t work inside del “mass family” which is what I’d like to create using roference points…I’m sure it’s a stupid issue, but I can’t resolve it…cloud someone tell me what is the solution?

Thank you



Sounds like you are confusing the Point and ReferencePoint components. Point components will create points inside Dynamo. To generate a reference point in Revit you’ll have to convert a Dynamo point using a ReferencePoint node.


I’m creating a reference node in dynamo and it appears inside revit mass family, but the point doesn’t update its position depending on dynamo parameters changes…

Don’t know why…please find attached the dyn file to have a look where I made a mistake…


Don’t see an attachment…