Element cannot be created in current context

Hi there,
Trying to use the latest version dynamo, but can’t create a point in revit work space. I’m in the mass family mode.
The point shows up in the dynamo window, but when linked to the reference point node, it returns a yellow warning saying element cannot be created in current context.
Anybody knows what happened?


Ensure that you have a Conceptual Mass family template as the base in Revit.
You seem to have some other family template open (probably Generic Model)

Hi Vikram,
Thanks for your swift reply.
I closed down dynamo and open it again then it works. But now the problem is, the point does show up in the conceptual mass family however, the point stays at 0,0,0, no matter what parameter I change in dynamo, the reference point stays as it is.
So what did I do wrong here?


Either, change the Length units in Revit from mm to meters or, ensure that the increments in Dynamo are large (multiples of 1000, maybe)