Rectangular panels on irregular loft surface

How do you place an almost equally spaced rectangular tile pattern across an irregular loft surface?

this post may help you

tried it, the only problem now is how to compute for the uv location of the point on surface to be almost equally spaced with only minimal distortion even on extremely curved lofts

Look into the Lunchbox package as there are some nodes for paneling.

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Having problems installing Lunchbox for Dynamo package on Revit 2019. Not sure why it is not showing on my node library. Also tried installing LunchBox Quad Grid by Face but when I try to place the node it freezes Dynamo. Now I am looking into the python code of Surface.DivideByIsolineGrid from Testing Waters, it seems to work but only on flat surface.

LunchBox package installed from it’s website

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Thanks @khuzaimah.ElecEng i was able to install lunchbox, now i just need to figure how to do surface paneling without distortion