Distribute elements evenly spaced

Hi Guys, I`ve got a pretty interesting task, to populate piles under mat slab. I have 50 piles to be equally placed and some nonrectangular slab. Sounds easy, but I even dont know how to start. Any ideas how to proceed?)

You could create a distribution of points on this slab’s surface. Have a look at this post, lots of users have answered some good ways for doing this distribution. I think you could use one of them to solve your problem

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You could create piles as columns under the floor.

piles under slab.dyn (131.5 KB)

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Hi, thanks, yes its allow to create a group of piles, however, its requires to input numbers for UV column grids, but the intent is that I dont know these numbers yet and layout even not requires to be in the rectangular grid.

Need to get something like this

You have to:

  1. Import the surface
  2. Using Chynamo nodes, group by parallel and extend the perimeter lines. Then split the surface by these lines and you´ll get the tiles you want.
  3. Using the Quad Grid by Face node, you can mesh them and get the center points.
  4. Place the element at the point.

Did this ever get solved? I have a similar problem - looking to space speakers according to room geometries