Paneling irregular shape with dynamo

Hay everyone iam facing a problem in panneling irregular form

I tried to use lunchbox diamond panneling node but as you see the grid is getting out the surface
i need the tripoint to be placed exactly on the outer edges
so as to i have inner rectangle pannels and outer tri panells
like this

so if you have a way or a solution please help !

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@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi @john_pierson @Konrad_K_Sobon can you help PLZ !?

HI @Ahmed_Salah1 ,
can you share the .rvt with the shape? or .dyn if it’s created in dynamo?

Check @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi
srfc1.dyn (10.9 KB)
the revit file google drive link because the size , iam sorry

Would this work for you ? (using meshtoolkit package)


one of the surfaces of your mass is problematic. Rebuilding it from it’s two curved edges allows to pannelise everything :


This is a pretty brute force way to do it and is computationally expensive (takes a long time) but works.
srfc1_stupidButEffective.dyn (13.1 KB)

You might do better just rationalizing the surface in Dynamo, then passing a surface back into Revit and using the Divided Surface tools.


Yeah i think this is a good point to start from :smiley:
Thank You Legend

yeah this is great , but the problem is , it became irregular panels , and i think this would be a big problem
but , i will try it and thank you for your continous support :smiley:

You can actually panel that ( with whatever form of divisions you seek ) directly from Revit if you build an intersects list from certain references to generate your divided surface, controlling that would be much easier i suppose.

that wouldnt work mohamed , because of surface different slopes, we have multiple surfaces not a simple continous one so that wouldnt work , but actually i found a workflow that simplify the surface by exporting boundary to dwg and patch the surface in Rhino then import it as sat by springnode form and the panel it even with revit divide or intersection or by dynamo .

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