Lunchbox Panel Quad Random Pattern no keeping Straight

I go the Mass surface with 1/3 step Pattern in Revit.

When I move the outline or profile of the surface, the 1/3 step pattern became not 90 degree (red lines). It responded with the UV grids ,not the XY grids.

Hoe can I keep the pattern straight with XY, not UV? maybe Dynamo?

These aren’t straight because they are drawn perpendicular to the V direction curves. Since the V direction isn’t vertical the U won’t be either.

One possible solution is to build your own paneling in Dynamo using UV parameters, which is a rather advanced exercise. Manipulating the existing may be easier - ensure the Z values of adaptive component points 1-3, and 2-4 align, shifting the lower up to the higher consistently. You could also try using horizontal reference planes to divide up the mass.

Note that in all versions mentioned the panels will not be aligned to a pane, which could cause some issues with some materials.


As mentioned in your other post, you need to construct the subdivision yourself. It’s not that hard. Just give it a try. Divide the base curve. Draw a line up in Z axis. Creates horizontal planes. Copy up. Create intersection. You then have all the line work. It’s up to you what you do next…


Thank you both of your reply.

I am using Lunchbox Panel Quad Random node to create a random pattern like what I did before. I am fine with random pattern.

I got question with the node.

  • Can I control the length of the Panel? Maybe 3 types of length in total.
  • Or even control no small panel along top side and bottom side?

I think the seed can respond to my questions, but I do not know what should input.

Pretty sure that’s just going to randomly update the values - random means random after all. I suggest you reach out to the owner of the package though as he’s fairly responsive and he would know best.