Ceiling paneling with Dynamo

Hello dear professional.
I bumped onto a challenge for ceiling paneling. Let’s say that I have a surface that need to be paneled (panels 600x600). So I can find an intersection of lines grid with surface and therefore I will get a point grid.
The issue is how to arrange all points in sets of 4 points properly with this shape.
Do you have any idea how it can be achieved ?
thank you in advance


Hi Maksym,
Can you explain why you want this solution when a normal compound ceiling in Revit would do?
I only ask this so we can understand and give you an answer

I develop LOD500



I saw an autodesk university class on this, creating a surface, divide it into grids, getting the points that intersect, group then into fours, in the correct order, and placing an adaptive on em.

Maybe you can find it, or this could give you a direction

I’m not sure if it’s the most elegant solution, but this is what I came up with:

TileCorners.dyn (53.4 KB)

Instead of trying to rearrange all the intersections, I figured it’d be easier to just reconstruct the tiles and take the corners from those… :sweat_smile:
I should probably have fixed the distance step to a single variable and piped that one through but I’m sure you’ll be able to work that one out :wink:

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Made some improvements. A bit cleaner and it now also handles rotated grids/geometry :sunglasses:

TileCorners2.dyn (67.1 KB)

Hope it helps! And even if not, it was a fun exercise.


Hello Avz,
Thank you for you idea. I will study this logic thoughtfully on weekends.
I already noticed some new interesting moves here. So probably you showed me some solutions and for another problem.
Thank you a lot for your time and idea !

Hmm I have found a discrepancy creeps in that I didn’t account for, because in my foolishness I only rotated the lines of the grid, not the grid itself, and so distorting the length of the edges…
Assuming you already have a grid though, that shouldn’t be much of an issue to fix.