Ceiling Tiles [Solved]

Dear Guys

Before 2 weeks I shared an issue that I am facing, about Counting the Tiles in ceiling, but nobody replayed and finally today I could solve the problem.

so I thought is a good thing to share with you in case anybody face this problem in future. The dyn that I developed it was based on ideas that I read in forums.

How it works: Once you select the model element (Ceiling) it will create points in grids which you will later use it as grids coordination then it will divide the total surface of the ceiling based on these grids, it was hard before to do all of that in Revit because there is no way that Dynamo can read Ceiling Grids so the workaround for this problem is to create the grids manually as Revit does for Ceiling (http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/revit-ceiling-grid-lines/) ,
once you divide the surface you can count the tiles, get the area and extract the dimension per tile or different use… .

Ceiling in Revit:

after divide it in dynamo:

and Finally the Dyn, please share it and if you face any problem let me know.
Tiles Counting.dyn (57.1 KB)


Good solution. I would have gone down the Sloped Glazing as ceiling path.

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Im new to Dynamo and would really like a script that can create ceiling grids, and as far as I understand your dyn does this.

I tried it with my ceiling from Revit but nothing is happening except getting alot of warnings. I would really appreciate any help.


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Hey @madeleineholm

Find below the updated script and you need to install Testing waters package as well to fix the red nodes error. and just make sure to select ceiling elements. because from your picture i can’t see what the type of the elements you have chosen and can’t read the error.

once you open the script two things you need to set. please check the picture below.

1- select model element (ceiling).
2- Inputs: depends on the ceiling you are choosing for example if the tiles are (2x4) check the picture below, you need to set the input 2 and 4 as you see in my case. check the picture below.

if you are still facing any issues let me know and send me the errors.

Mohammad Nawar

Hi again,
Thanks for a quick reply. I installed the package Testing Waters but I can’t find the updated script that you mentioned “Find below the updated script” so I still get alot of errors.


Ops, please find it below.

Tiles Counting v1.dyn (60.4 KB)

Great! I trried the updated DYN and did only get one error but the problem now is that it doesn’t seem to be able to identify the object as a ceiling. Can it have something to do with that Im using the metric system in revit?


Here is the error that i got.


This error because you don’t have the package did you try to install Testing waters package !. And doesn’t matter if the project is metric.

OK, yes I installed “testing waters” package. And thank you again for taking the time to help me :slight_smile:


Again try the one below. i added the package code.

Tiles Counting v1.dyn (63.2 KB)

I tried the latest you sent but it does not seem to work. It recognizes the element as a ceiling now but I get alot of errors instead. Most of the errors are saying “Warning: internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer”.

Then send me sample project to fully understand what you are facing.

I can’t share it because new users can’t upload files here. But it’s a .rvt file with only one ceiling.

You can share the link using wetransfer or something :grinning: ,actually i can’t help you without understanding the problem it’s working perfectly with me.

Ok now i get it, it was reading your element as surface i believe you made ceiling’s thickness almost zero. anyway i edited the script for you case and find it below should work with you this time.

Tiles Counting v2.dyn (56.8 KB)

Now the script works great! :smiley: But when I save the revit file and open it again the grids seem to be gone, is there any way to save the grids? I would like to be able to save them so I can export and IFC and have them as grids in Solibri.

Hi again,

yes sure you can just follow the same way in the below picture to convert the lines to model curves.


It would be great to get that to work :slight_smile: I tried adding the modelcurves in dynamo but I get errors on both of them.


show me from where you are reading the previous nodes like the picture that i sent to you