Rebar link problem


Can somebody help me…

The overall purpose is to create rebar in a family that is allready loaded into the project.
This is an structural framing so i can’t use the path or area reinforments.

I was planning to find 3 points on different curves and from there create circles to finally make a polygon.
The problem is that i cant find a way to get the circles the right so there will stand “upright” in order to create links as seen in the beam next to it.

can somebody push me in the right direction,? Or can somebody tell me if i am going at this fron the right direction?
I can udnerstand if there are easier methods in approching this.

Select surfaces at both ends of your element (it should be easy since they have the smallest areas), create points in the middle with Surface.PointAtParameter (U and V to 0.5), join these 2 points with Line.ByStartPointEndPoint, and finally place your circles like shown in the post below (but probably using Curve.NormalAtParameter instead of Curve.TangentAtParameter):

Thank you very much!

This is the “push in the right direction” i was looking for.
It’s a far better and easier approach.

Also thanks for the Rotate family. i will give that a go :slight_smile:

grtz Mark