Unable to Create Rebar from Curve

Im trying to Create a rebar from the Curves of this family. I tried suing Follow Surface but the family is modelled as segments (9) so it gets curves per segment. I tried extracting and joining the points on all the curves as one curve but I get this error now. sometime I will get polycurve branching error( ive tried changing the geometry range) , sometime I would get BSpline not implement error.temp.dyn (75.3 KB)

the segments in Dynamo but it wasn’t possible.

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Hello, Ash,

Maybe instead of selecting each segment - extracting curves straight from the external surface right after joining/union the Elements’ geometries could work (don’t know if modelled as solid or a previous geometrical manipulation process).
In my case I have been automating the modelling of rebars, but the host elements (beams, in this case) are already modelled, and using the geometry of the element itself (my case a cuboid’s surfaces) hadn’t given me errors yet.
If you had already solve it, how did you do?


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No luck here, Ended up doing for each segment and lapping bars with other segments.