Stairs Rebar

Hey guys,

I’ve got an issue with the reinforcement of unique stairs. I’ve tried the Rebar.FollowingbySurface and also tried to create Points as shown in the .dyn and .rvt
The Curves wont follow the Surface of the Stairs, but u may get a look at the attachement

stairs rebar.dyn (13.3 KB)

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Ok I solved it with rebar.morphed. You just have to take the edges of the Surface and get them in rebar.morphed as the borders of the Reinforcement

Hi m.k,
I would like to ask you how about the curve face above of your stair. Could you generate rebars on this curve face?

Hey ,
i cant follow your question. Could you mark the face?

Yes, please see the image below. I try to generate the curve rebar follow this face.

Should be no problem. You have to grab the curves of the arc and define them with rebar.morphed as border curves.