Reading Family Types from Revit issue

I’m busy creating a script to create and delete family types in Revit and alter their parameters.

The last part is done, altering parameters wasn’t that much of a problem and I have a system now to efficiently do so.

I’ve run into a problem with creating and deleting types, especially the latter, which I think is bound to how Revit does its saving and it’s problematic for my script.

To find out which files I’m supposed to create and delete, I’m reading out which files exist in the excel file and which exist in the Revit file. However, Dynamo only sees the Revit family Types that existed when I opened the Revit file. Which means, that if I wanted to see a Family Type that didn’t exist when I opened it, I simply can’t get Dynamo to see that file.

Weirdly, when it comes to setting parameter values it’s no issue, nor has it been an issue when creating new types (except when I then delete types in revit).

Thanks in advance!

I’m using Revit 2015 by the way (as that’s apparantly as old a version as the people who should eventually be using this script will be using)

I can’t be certain because I do not know what your graph currently looks like, but based on your description, this may be a possible explanation/solution:

If this doesn’t provide you with a solution please upload a screen caputre of your graph :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

A simple arbitrary update solves this.

I would’ve added a graph if I expected it would add anything, but it’s a problem that exists regardless of the way I was reading.