Creating Family Types in Revit

I’ve managed to create a way in dynamo that can alter family type parameters by reading from a file:

It has done its job for a while, but I’d still like to be able to create new families via that same excel file. As you can see, It’s already reading out the names, but I’d like to see a way where if a family type does net yet exists, it will create a new family type with that given name.

I’ve already seen some ways on this forum using the “duplicate family type” node from the clockwork package, but I haven’t really understood how this actually works (I mean, I understand that you duplicate an existing one and then change the name and parameters, but not exactly how that’s happening).

Thanks in advance.

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Did you see these posts also?

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I had seen the first one of those.
I somehow manage to not have the ElementType.Duplicate node in my list, neither do I understand what exactly is going on there.

On the second, even after downloading the package I do not have the DocumentUtitlies.GetFamilyDocument node, next to that I don’t quite understand what’s going on in the code block which I do think is quite important as I don’t want to be creating family types I already have nor want to override already existing ones.

DocumentUtitlies.GetFamilyDocument is in my 2017.7.19 version of Beaker, try to type only “GetFamilyDocument” in the search field maybe…

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That works, thank you.

I’ll try to follow the earlier thread you linked.

I’ve managed to recreate what’s in the thread.

I think the issue might simply because I’m working in Dynamo 1.2 because what I’m creating needs to work for Revit 2015 files.

Due to the first one I’m getting somewhere, I’m not done yet, but thanks nonetheless.

Don’t hesitate to send your questions with a screenshot of your graph, someone will surely take a look at it…

I’m currently creating a topic with a question which, when answered, will let me finish it.
I already am able to create a duplicate, I’m only having trouble with getting the correct naming right, but I’m feeling that should be easily solved.

Edit: I already found a solution.

Hi @PauLtus could you share your solution?

I don’t quite remember what I did but…

If you look up FamilyType.Duplicate from the clockwork package it will kinda speak for itself.

Or do you have something more specific in mind?

If you’re able to use 2.0.x unlike the OP try using the Orchid Package - it has some easy nodes for type creation. See below 2 nodes from Orchid Package that should be able to create family types. You could set the names first, then set parameters after using OOTB nodes I think.

Hi! What if I want to do it in 50 families without opening each one? Im missing how to get the file recon to family document

You need to use open in background to access the families, then close them once your actions have been applied.

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