Read Excel produces different value than in excel

I’m having a weird result coming out of the bumblebee read excel node.

read error 01
read error 02

As you can see here I have two don’t match. The first two indexes do match. I have a excel sheet to keep track of my shared parameters and I’ve updated it with a few new ones. I’ve added one before what used to be 37 (38 now) and two more between that and 89 (92 now). The file I’m using to organize mechanical parameter information is getting the update successfully. This is the formula I have for that.

=VLOOKUP(B4,’[Parameter Master.xlsm]Shared Parameters’!$C$5:$L$187,10,FALSE)

But even though the excel knows that Com_UnitService is 38 the dynamo node still thinks it’s 37. How is it returning 37 if it is reading a document that says 38?

And in typical fashion, the second I post it starts working again.

I think what happened is that I updated the master parameter excel file, but didn’t open the mechanical parameter excel file. So it wasn’t able to recalculate the value for the lookup. When I ran the script it must not be able to rerun formulas in the excel sheet.

Just now as I get ready to leave I saved and closed them and ran the script one last time to check. It worked.

Does this mean I should open and save dependent excel files when I make changes tot he master parameter excel file?

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