Problem with Read Excel - Bumblebee Package

Hi everyone,

I noticed that the read excel from Bumblebee package doesn’t update the data just by modifying the excel file for manual or automatic run (See the images below).

So, you have to modify something in the dynamo file (e.g. put “Runit” false and then true again). Files: teste1 teste1


That’s not supported yet. If that’s something that you are interested in then I can look at adding that functionality, but I can’t promise a time-frame.


Now that I think about it: put a file.frompath node between file path and read excel and you will be able to get that to work, but not for the live read node.

Hey Konrad, It’s not a crucial functionality for me but if you have time to add this in the future, perfect, if not thank you anyway. I added the file.frompath node but it gives me this error:

Cheers mate!

i see, that node no longer produces a string file path, but rather an object. I will have a look at this at some time in the future. Can you post this to GitHub issues page?



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