"Excel Read" from Bumblebee

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to use the Bumblebee package to read data from excel in a specific range of cells, the problem is that it gives me an error which I have no ideia how to solve it.

So see for yourself:

Dynamo and Excel files

Please post here: https://github.com/ksobon/Bumblebee/issues

FYI. I am going to venture a guess that you have some local characters in the file path that the compiler wasn’t ready for. I still will need a sample file and a path that you were trying to read to have a look at it. Clearly I am not able to test on localized versions with different languages.

Hi Konrad, thanks for the reply. I will post there too. Here is the files, I tried another word without the accent but it gives me the same error.


Excel to Revit Issue_v3.5


it works fine. Please try to reinstall Bumblebee package

I reinstalled but still not working.


I was working with an Excel file today (not through this package) but I found that I needed an XLS file rather than an XLSX file.


I try to use *xls file extension, but hothing.

My Excel version is 2016. I think that this is the problem, but i don’t know.

The built-in nodes works fine with both excel file types

Not sure if it applies here, but it is a ‘common’ cause in software that unicode characters are not supported. Try to place your excel file in another folder, avoiding accented characters(like the u in Araújo) in your path and in your filename and see if that works

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Try using the node “File from path” Node. I have no trouble reading .xlsx files.

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@Ricardo Freitas Like Konrad said, I guess it is because of the local characters (portuguese). Does anyone know how to solve this bug or can tell me other package that could work with this?

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it’s the Unicode character in the file path that is causing the issue. I think that by default IronPython 2.7 which is the version that Dynamo runs on, is using different encoding for characters and these don’t support all unicode characters so when you passed that “Araújo” string into the str(filePath) call it threw an error. I changed that bit of code to specifically accept Unicode characters by calling it like this instead: unicode(filePath). This should fix the issue. I will make the update in all relevant places, but please test this more extensively and let me know if it worked for you: https://github.com/ksobon/Bumblebee/issues/14 Thanks!

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to be exact I think that Excel by default encodes strings using the old ISO-Latin-1 which would effectively changed your special character for one of the 128 available in english language. you can read up about this here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/643694/utf-8-vs-unicode



Once again, many thanks. cheers