Read excel reaturning null(urgent)

I wrote a script to retreive data from an excel file. On my computer, it works as long as the targeted file is on my mapped network drive(but this result is unreliable because ive done other scripts that return data regardless of the location). When I ran this script on another computer, any node concerning reading excel returned null. I’ve tried saving it in different location, reading other files, swapping the nodes etc. I have run in to problems in the past, but nothing like this.

Help would be much appreciated.

This one is very difficult to pinpoint. I’ve resorted to using bumblebee for the time being until I schedule to meet with the DEVs.

It’s good to hear that your gonna talk to them. How would you use bumblebee in this case?

Thanks for responding, Josh.

Check the file path with a watch node. I find that the later versions of Dynamo struggle with spaces in directory/locations. It swaps them with “%” or something like that. Fixing that with a string replace has worked on my end.

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That can’t be the problem for me since I used the same file path on both computers.

Im asking because Im already using bumblebee in the “read by range” node which didnt work.