Range with Variable End Point (from a slider)

I tried searching for this but am not quite sure how to search for this one - apologies if I missed it.

I’m trying to combine to values into one, with a slider comprising the second value. The graph is an updated version of this graph (discussed some here: Fine Tuning Graphs & Extensibility) combined with some Data-Shapes forms to expand it a bit. Basically - i have a text input for the suffix “Option” and a slider that determines the number to duplicate that is appended after the text “Option 1.” I can combine the text with a numerical range but I’m not sure how to use the output of the slider as the top end of the range. Hopefully the image explains it better than my ramblings.

If you are so inclined, here is the full graph (WIP): DuplicateViewsFromForms.dyn (57.2 KB)

try this:

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That did it. Thanks!