Combining Lists with N Options

Expanding on the results from yesterdays adventures - I have my lists creating properly but I’ve hit a wall trying to combine them. I need the results from one list to append to the other, but creating an output for each time it is on the first list.

list 1:
Option 1
Option 2
Option n

list 2:
Elevation 1
Elevation 2
Elevation n

Combined list:
Elevation 1 Option 1
Elevation 1 Option 2
Elevation 2 Option 1
Elevation 2 Option 2
Elevation n Option n

Normally I would set the lacing but because of the combinations in Code Blocks there isn’t a lacing option. I’ve unsuccessfully tried the bulk of the options in this post Alfredo made - but it is possible there is user error.

Here is the short version:

And the whole thing if that helps:

Something like this?

That did it. One of these days I’ll figure when to think hard about an answer and when to quit overthinking… :flushed: Worst part is that I tried using + several times, but combined with other nodes…

Thanks :beers: