Number sliders

So (unless i’m very much mistaken) you can’t add formula to a Dynamo number slider… So the 100 highlighted below can’t be x…

I want the 100 to vary depending on another variable so the only way I can think of doing this is set the Max to 1 and to multiply the output of the number slider by x (x is currently set at 16000 just for a screen grab)…

Can anyone tell me if there’s a better way of doing this?

x is going to be the sum of 3 variable inputs (all number sliders). Thankfully the step isn’t critical as long as will chop up my range into enough bits.

Hi ET,
This is not possible in Dynamo. Long overdue request. I have no time to dig to much in github issues or in this forum but it has been been requested quite a few times

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Yeah, I know. :frowning:
Am asking if what I’ve done is the best workaround or if anyone has a better idea.

Hi @Alien ,

Maybe you could take a look at the Data-Shapes package.
Also why would you have these number sliders in your script? maybe when we know your (end)goal we could suggest other options :slight_smile:

It’s an input for a GD script.

Could you elaborate more on what a GD script is?

A script to be run through Revit’s generative design engine. GD = generative design.