Fine Tuning Graphs & Extensibility

Kind of a general question:
I’m trying to figure out how to streamline some processes and am not quite sure how to approach it. In the sample image (graph is a bit of mess as well), I’m duplicating views, adding a suffix, & setting the design option, but I run into the concept of wanting an easily extensible graph fairly often. The problem I’m finding (in this case) is the number of, and names of the design options varies by project, making it difficult to create one graph to cover all the options for use as a graph or in Dynamo Player.
Are there any strategies for creating something that is easily modifiable to cover the potential variations?

Hi @Chad_Clary

Have you tried using @ List levels function? It handles more than one list to get the job done and covers all the options in one graph :slight_smile:

Edit: You where too close you just have to fill in the view names in code block and everything works in one graph. Cheers!

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I would second @Kulkul’s suggestion of using List Levels for handling multiple options. I would also suggest using Data-Shapes to allow for user input if the View names/types are going to vary as well.

I’ve used List Levels elsewhere - I’ll look into it for this one also. I’ve barely touched Data-Shapes, will try and dig into that some over the next week or two.
Thanks :beers:

You’re Welcome!

Simplifying inputs for through the “change one definition” method could help. :grinning:
Define once, use multiple times throughout a script with less lacing,

Consecutive Datashapes UI++ nodes will allow for a lot of flexibility. If there is a variable, or a choice between inputs, or an input needs to be tailored to each job; data shapes is the best tool I have found.