How do I get the ranges from all inputs

I could get the result from the Range node only for 0, How do I get the results from rest(1,2)?

@jaeho ,

what do you mean with range ?

sum up all elevations ? based on the counted levels ?

Hi, @Draxl_Andreas
I want to set the start and end inputs like these: [609-1445] [2657.5-4962.5] [6175.5-8809].
But as you see in the picture, only [609-1445] inserted into the start and end

@jaeho ,

can you share the whole graph… or play with ranges :slight_smile:

Funny thing is if I run this part in the whole script then it does’t work.

What does your step input look like? What happens if you change the lacing to auto and remove the list levels like in you example?

Hi,I changed the lacing to auto and removed the levels, but still doesn’t get what I want.

Your list structures don’t match. Your step is a list of a single item, so it matches the other inputs but only has one value so you only get one iteration. Reduce the step input to a single item.

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@Nick_Boyts Thanks! I found the solution.