Python code for Orchid node FamilyPararmeter.Associate

Does anyone know the python code for the Orchid node FamilyParameter.Associate?
We are removing all Orchid nodes from our graphs and I can’t find a good way to replace this particular node. Any ideas are appreciated.

You could look at the C# code for LinkNestedFamilyParameterToHostFamilyParameter in The Building Coder Samples for an idea how to implement in python

Thanks @Mike.Buttery I’ll try that tomorrow.

It’s in C#, not Python.

Some of the legacy Python code for Orchid is in the danEdu repo, but not sure if erfajo approved of this repo to exist - pretty sure it breaks the license on Orchid…

Thanks @GavinCrump. I’ll check it out. I should probably learn C# anyways. Oh, btw I’m using some Crumple nodes to replace some of the Orchid nodes in our graphs. Many thanks :+1:t2:

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Whelp, I was using the family open, family load, and family close Crumple nodes and they worked yesterday, but for whatever reason having those nodes in the graph today caused errors. I ended up going with the GeniusLoci FamilyDoument Load node instead.
Sorry @GavinCrump, but I’m definitely going to use your Room to Areas node as that has been something we’ve been looking for. Anyways, I ended up diving in to the forums a little deeper and found the python code I needed here, Associate a list of family parameter in a family - #7 by awilliams

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No worries, strange! If you’re in Revit 2025 I haven’t tested there yet, but otherwise they worked for me the other day. Mind letting me know the build you’re working in? I’ll give it a look-see as I have a few bugs to work on elsewhere in the nodes.

I’m working in Revit with Dynamo Core & Dynamo Revit builds. Not sure if this matters but we use Orkestra and these are the other packages that I have loaded in the workspace.
The Crumple Family Open node worked but the Family Load one kept failing. And to add to the oddity, the issues didn’t happen until after I tried using a C# code translated to Python with the help of Claude.
I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I probably created the perfect storm for it to fail.

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