Associate a list of family parameter in a family

i stumbled across a python script from @awilliams to associate family parameters.

This idea is great and i try to use it for my workflow.
But i fail and i have problems to understand the script.

I only changed the output to:
OUT = elem, elemAssoc, famAssoc
So the elemAssoc list is empty.
this parameters need to associate with the family parameters

Any help would be great!

sorry… but isnt this the same question?

No:), now i try to automate the association of the parameters like:

ok :slight_smile:

I have to let it go for now… I should do some work, så hopefully another one is ready to assist you :slight_smile:

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Hmm at a glance it looks like you’re connecting the Family Type rather than the family instance, while trying to associate instance parameters, but I’m not certain if that is the issue. Do you mind sharing your RFA files?

family_forum_associate.rfa (624 KB)
18_03_23_Forum_associate.dyn (16.8 KB)

@Fiesta ah yes it was as I thought, you needed to be connecting the family instance to the Python script, not Element.ElementType. My example in the original post was using Element.ElementType because I was associating Type parameters. Regardless, the script has been revised after another user modified it to accept lists of elements, which revealed a potential for mismatching of the parameter lists. So included in the .dyn attached is the new and improved version of the Python script, which can also be found here: Associate family parameter in a family

Fiesta_18_03_23_Forum_associate.dyn (15.5 KB)


Thx @awilliams!

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Is it also possible to connect the material parameter of an extrusion

I am not sure I understand… anyway, please start a new topic