Hello, fellow Orchid user… i’m trying to get some parameters deleted from some families in the project. No i’m stuck on the first step and just can’t get to feed this node what it wants…? Closest I got is this - which I think is still quite far


It expects a Revit API Family Type and you are providing a Dynamo wrapped Family Type. The problem is with the node as it should only accept wrapped elements - report it on Orchids GitHub.

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Will do that, but in the meantime - is there a way to bypass it and provide it with the input it needs?
Tried multiple combinations of FilteredElementCollector in python node but to no avail.

Well the most obvious thing to do would be to unwrap the family type via say a Python node catch being Dynamo automatically wraps Revit API elements if you return them from a Python node so that’s a no-go.

Instead, add a reference to the Orchid library in your Python node then you can unwrap the family type and pass it in to a call to the FamilyType.ToOrchidType method.

I know i’m digging this up, but how to reference other nodes from other packages inside a python node?