Pushing a shared parameter from a view to the sheet


I’m wondering if it’s possible to push a shared parameter with text data from a view to automatically appear in the respective sheet titleblock, like the view scale, view title and hence.

I’ll probably need to push play in a script at the Dynamo Player, right?

Yeah, but the titleblock won’t automatically recognize the parameter value filled in the view, like the scale or view title. I can’t even edit the value if I don’t associate the parameter to the sheet category, and when I do this, now is a sheet instance parameter instead of a view parameter displayed at the titleblock.

The push would likely need to be manual via Dynamo and not automatic.

There would be a sheet instance parameter, and the Dynamo graph would retrieve the applicable view parameter and push it to the appropriate sheet parameter.

I don’t believe there is a native way to auto-retrieve view information in the way the Scale sheet parameter functions.

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That’s what I was thinking… But to do so I’ll probably need to associate the same parameter (or other, it don’t really matter) to the sheet, making it a instance sheet parameter as I mentioned in the previous post.

Then my graph will retrieve view in sheet, get parameter view value, and lastly set sheet parameter value.

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You can edit a schedule with the views datas and insert this schedule on the sheet

This can work on a small scale, but presumably you’d need to filter the schedule down to be relevant to that specific sheet.

Then you’d need a duplicate schedule for each sheet you’re doing this for, filtered to those sheets. It can get a bit messy, and you’d still be placing the schedules 1:1.

This works great for things along the lines of a sheet schedule, where you can reliably dump the same schedule on every sheet since it’s intended to be identical on every sheet.

I’m sorry, but this workflow make less sense to me than push play I a Dynamo Player graph (which I was hoping to avoid to begin with). Maybe I’m not following along.

yes but you will have to choose from which view you want to grab the scale and so on, if there is several views on the sheet, and if there is only one it is already automatic

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It’s not practical. What I need to do is tell the view what it’s in it (finishes, or furniture map, or outlet location, etc). Later, when placing the view in a sheet, I don’t want anyone to fill the titleblock manually, hoping it will keep the project browser organized.

Now I got it. Not sure if it’s easier then a graph, but started to make sense.

Well, if your sheets follow a template you can make that kind of script, this is what we do for sales plan.

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