Scale value in sheet list

Is it possible to get Scale Value parameter in Sheet List. Is there any other way rather than adding a custom parameter and assigning the values.

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Any thoughts?

Scale isn’t an accessible parameter through schedules. With Dynamo we can automate adding this to a new project parameter though.

Thanks John, I did try to add project parameter and automate the values but unfortunately View Scale doesn’t match with Sheet Scale (New Project Parameter), Below is the screenshot.





Thanks Andreas. That was pretty straightforward :slight_smile:


Someone who can help me with this one? I’m new to dynamo, so some help would be nice :slight_smile: Målstok til skema

The sheet/title block in your Revit file doesn’t seem to have a sheet Scale parameter.

First create the sheet Scale or Sheet Scale parameter in the title block family file (.rfa) and then attempt to set the parameter using Dynamo.

Is there any way to zoom those jpgs above?

Not really. They are from the old forum I believe. Post a new topic and link to this one and someone should be able to help you out.