Copying multi parameter sheet label to another Shared parameter

Hi, Newbie here, starting with Dynamo

Anyone help me find a setup to report Multi paramater sheet label out to a Shared parameter (text) in sheets. its to go on a schedule for upload to a Cloud.

Any experienced help would be great


This should be pretty straight forward. Just get the TitleBlock from the sheet, then get the parameter value from it, and then apply it back to the actual sheet parameter you need to set.

You would want “Drawing Number” for Sheet Number, and “Document No” for Drawn By in my example i beleive.


Thats great although how would it work if the Sheet label is Multi parameter -

Sorry one moe! will this work so that any sheet reports its Title label to “Document No” so i can create a schedule?

I wondered if this wasn’t going to be the case. I would just get each value separate and concatenate them in Dynamo.

This post may help you get them stitched together.


you a Gent :+1: i will trawl my way through this and post my results.


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