Process argument and Journal file cleanup not workin

Hello all these nodes don’t seem to be working but I have no idea why. The one on the right doesn’t even have the same list length as any of the the incoming information. It is from the DynamoAutomation package. The process.bypathandarguments node is OOTB but the result looks ominous. Any idea what I’ve got going wrong here?

I don’t believe this is an OOTB node - can you do a quick annotation of custom nodes using the Monocle View Extension?

Using DynamoAutomation with Dynamo 2.x? I think you may have found yourself some bugs. I haven’t done any testing in 2.x yet and I‘m not sure when I‘ll find the time.

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Edit: Process by path is a Dynamo Automation node

Hi Jacob. I found this website:
But for dynamo 1.3.3 it says I need an exe file to install it. However, there is no exe on that webpage anywhere. Do happen to know where I can find it? it looks great! thanks!

I thought you had updated to a 2.x build based on another thread, and if you have there is a set of instructions on the website you linked.

Beyond that I’m not sure as I haven’t had a need.


Hi Andreas, I seem to have the same problems in Dynamo Sandbox 1.3.4, as I did in 2.5.2

Am I getting my lacing wrong prehaps? Please advise. The journal files look like they are being created, but they are not moving to the journal file destination folder after they are finished.