Back Track Node Locations

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I have been working on a handful of codes to automate tedious tasks around the office. What I am doing to go with each code is writing a ‘how to’ guide on how to use the script so everyone can take advantage of leveraging dynamo. What I am struggling with is once I’ve got a code finalized, is back tracking and knowing what packages the nodes in a script come from (mainly to instruct people what packages are required to use the code). Is there any easier way to identify what package nodes come from rather than searching it up in the search bar? I’d prefer not to overload non-dynamo-scripters with downloading ever package that I have

Thanks in advance and sorry about my daftness! But google searching this takes me around in circles.


Charles Holman

Install the monocle view extension (shows up in package manager) by @john_pierson. This will easily note every custom node in use on the current canvas.

More info here:

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Thank you so much Jacob!

No problem. Just be sure to mark solutions so others can find this in the future. :slight_smile:

ah yes! good call :slight_smile: