DynamoAutomation Master Script keeps failing at journal file

Using the DynamoAutomation package and following the wiki https://github.com/andydandy74/DynamoAutomation/wiki , my master script seems to keep getting suck on the “Journal.ByWorkspacePath” node. I removed all the “whitespace” errors but now, I’m getting a warning saying “operation failed. unable to find specified file”. But it since it doesn’t say which file it can’t find and all of the files exist in the file paths I’ve selected… I’m not sure where the problem is

ModelStartUpAutomation.dyn (44.1 KB)

Answered my own question- seems that there was an issue using the directory path method. I directly connected the Revit file path and slave graph script file path and the script was successful.

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Can you please upload your updated dynamo file ?