Hello, possibly not for the forum, but have been playing with Dynamo Automation and trying to understand the nitty gritty.

I have been playing with the GitHub stuff and the zt_src process. When I use this in a consul, using ProcessRunner.Process.ByPathAndArguments, Revit opens and closes without running the journal file, if process.WaitForExit(); is removed then it runs, but you cannot capture the end of the process. Within dynamo the arguments are " /language ENU " + journalFile + " /nosplash". Are the arguments the same via code?

maybe @Andreas_Dieckmann can help
i’m very interested in the journal file stuff

@Andreas_Dieckmann It feels like there is a flag that forces Revit to run the argument (journal file)?

The issue was the streamwriter creating the journal file was not closing, so the journal file was left in a read only state, Revit needs it in a Read/Write state for some reason. Issue fixed.