Problems installing Dynamo 2.0


So I tried installing Dynamo 2.0 (late to the game) and I first attempted through Dynamo and no luck so I figured I’d try what a lot of folks recommended which is to uninstall previous versions. Did not work. When I try installing everything again it looks like it installs things (no errors) but yet I dont even have Dynamo in Revit. Am I missing something? Thanks

Which Dynamo 2.0 are you installing? From you want this one:

Hi @carlosguzman

How did you uninstall? Using Autodesk uninstall tool or Control panel Uninstall?

And also did you remove registries as well if you haven’t make sure you do. Refer this link Working with Dynamo in Revit 2016 and Revit 2019 Simultaneously - Dynamo BIM

Good Luck!

Hi @Kulkul I did remove registries I’ll try out to version that @jacob.small posted above. Hard to keep track of all the different versions

Which version of Revit are you using? Just in case, 2.0+ only works with Revit 2017 or newer.

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  1. Had to uninstall Revit entirely and then re-install everything all over again. I knew this whole update thing was going to be messy but I had no idea that it would be this weird.
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