Dynamo (revit 2020)

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So latest Dynamo is integrated within the revit 2020 which we will start deploying by next week.
My question is, Is there a way to silent uninstall the old Dynamo versions that comes with revit 2016-19 (i believe Dynamo 1.3 /2.0/2.1) automatically once it checks/confirms the latest is already installed ?
or Just install revit 2016-19 without any Dynamo ( since they get installed automatically with the software)

You’ll want to leave Dynamo 2.0.3 for Revit 2017-2019 as 2.1 isn’t installable with those versions. The latest available there is 2.0.3. Uninstall can be done via typical uninstall methods as needed.

Lastly a quick reminder that Revit 2016 is no longer supported, and hasn’t been for over half a year - might want to move those projects into a new version before you get into a tight spot and can’t get to the data.

If I have revit 2020 installed, Do I still need Dynamo 2.0.3 or any other version installed for revit 2017-19 ? or im good to uninstall them and just leave the integrated version that comes with 2020 !

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If you use Revit 2020 and a version between 2017 and 2019 you need both to use Dynamo in all versions.

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