Help! Dynamo Installation Issues

Hi all,
I have been using dynamo for revit for the past few months. I recently wanted to try Dynamo Studio, so I downloaded the trial version.
In the middle of the installation, my computer crashed, and I believe this is where things went wrong.
I tried installing again, and it seemed fine, but when I went back to Revit, Version 2.0.1 was the default, and Revit couldnt find 1.3.
Now, I realized that all of my packages have been deleted (not too big a deal - I’ll just look at each broken node and look for its package).
I want to go back to using 1.3 in revit, but I can’t seem to uninstall dynamo 2.0.1.

Please let me know if you have a solution for this - I would like to do a clean install of dynamo 1.3 for revit, and have things work like they did before.
Thanks in advance!

In your configuration you can remove Dynamo versions that are redundant.