Problems in reading string as a var

Hello everybody,

We are doing some probes about one script in dynamo with a colleague. We have installed same dynamo version and same packages.
But to my partner the program is running without problems and in my case there is a problem of the input because it is a string.

What can be the problem? ¿Why in one case is running and in the other case is losing? How i can assign a string as a var?

Thanks in advance

@Asier_de_Celis from which package is that node? And what are you after using this script?

Try wrapping the strings in a list.

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The package is bumbleBee

We are using this script for writting different parameters of elements in an excel.

@Asier_de_Celis why don’t you use the OOTB node Data.ExportExcel ?

Hello take a look here…Error in Bumblebee Write to Excel - #6 by Konrad_K_Sobon

It works many thanks,

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Thank you for the information

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