Confusing types in dynamo....!

Hi guys,!
I am a beginner, One thing I found very difficult to learn / Understand in dynamo is the types(Technical types)…! for instance I keep plugging in string at obj or var or vice versa , just wondering If these types can be interchanged( I understand they are the base of this pluginn :slight_smile: ) …? Tke a look at the snip below…!

I believe sheet number is also a string input parameter. Check the yellow tab for more info on your specific error with the node inputs. If you hover your mouse over the inputs of a node it should give you a hint most of the time to what it is expecting. Correct me if I am wrong people…

Hey Opie
it says this

And this error comes only when I plug inn some thing at views

What happens when you feed a sheet number as a string, say “S01”?

The error went away but, Still no view is placed on sheet yet…!
No Luck…!:frowning:

Can you test it with a single view and the Sheet.ByNameandnumberandview node (single view) that way you can eliminate the other part of your code being the problem.

yea it works with a single view…! why is it not so with a list of views??

even the node says “Views”

This is odd, because I just created a new script and it has placed multiple views onto a created sheet. (All in the same place, but that issue is secondary) Does any one have any other thoughts on this?

You’re feeding it one Sheet Name and one Sheet Number (this obviously equates to one sheet) with multiple views, so it’s going to create once sheet with all those views.
Your original problem (after changing sheet number to a string) could have been that some of the views you were trying to place already existed on views.

This might also be helpful.

The point about the views being on a sheet is a good one, were they @saju_autodesk ?

hey sorry…!
they weren’t on any sheets I deleted them b4 doing