Problem with View Sheet node




I’d like to create a sheet for each phase I have. I’ve started to do something (attachment) but I don’t manage to “attach” a list of view to a list of Sheet. When I run my program sheets are created but they are empty…
Does anyone have an idea?




Looks like you’re running into one of Revit’s idosyncrasies: You cannot place the same view on multiple sheets (unless it’s a legend).

You will have to create duplicates of the view first. There was no node for that yet, so I made one. Download the latest version of package View Stuff and you’ll find a node called Duplicate View. It will most likely need to be used in conjunction with a Transaction node (see screenshot).



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I agree this is great! All we need is to rename them, set a view template, location on a sheet, and maybe view group/subgroup nodes to make this a fully operational sheet management package. :slight_smile: I might look at that later…


that would be a start, but I am thinking about the same things.


Def Result


Thank you so much for your node Andreas. It’s exactly what I was missing!