Place Views on existing sheets

OK, am very frustrated that I am posting this subject, as it has been faced many times before, but after a lot of looking online I have not found a proper solution.
On Revit 2019 + Dynamo - I am using both Rhythm (2019.9.12) and Spring Nodes (132.2.8), no luck, see below.
Hope to help a wide range of users… any help mostly appreciated

Hi @simoneavellini

Have you seen this topics?

Yes, but was eager to use the packages rather the python script.
Is there any that actually works? Thanks

Another possible way by using steam nodes node:

Many Thanks, but I still get nulls only.

You’re missing list.create node at Sheet Input. Works as expected for me.


Are your views already on a sheet?

Can you provide a sample RVT to try out?

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@simoneavellini Did this work for you :point_up:?

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Thanks guys, will do it tomorrow. Promise

Aim: place several views on several sheets.
Result: IT WORKS. Thanks!!

Test_Rhythm.dyn (17.4 KB)

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Aim: place several views on several sheets.
Result: it does not work as wanted. It places both views on the same sheet. Thank you anyway.

191016_Views_on_Sheet.rvt (364 KB) Test_Spring Nodes.dyn (18.4 KB)

Try using List Levels with PlaceViews instead of using the Combine node.

Hi @simoneavellini

Chop list of sheets by 1 length that will work for you and remove @Lists

like this? not yet…

it works in this way

Can you show us?


Nice. FYI list levels means you probably don’t need to chop your lists anymore.

I tried but did not find a way :frowning:

Thank a lot to @Kulkul @john_pierson and @Nick_Boyts for the big help.
Recap: See below the 2 solutions

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