Problem inputing ecxel data into revit - Read only parameters

Hi everyone. I recently put up a post about exporting foundation pad dimension parameters from revit to excel (dont know if i can link the posts somehow?) i am trying to see if i can controll pad dimensions through excel. I am also having this issue at the end of the script when i try to put it back into revit. It says that the process failed because the parameter is read only. See the attached image. Can anyone help me on this also? If anyone saw my previuos post, can i also ask that what im trying to do can be acheived and that im going about it in the right way? As ever you help is greatly apprciated

If you try to modify these parameters manually are you able to do so? It is likely that these parameters are calculated and therefore are not able to be directly modified by the user. It would be helpful if you could provide the actual .dyn file and the Revit family you are trying to modify since these dimensions may be controlled by other parameters.

Hi, thanks for your response. These parameters are stadard built in parameters and the falmily is the standard pad foundation family revit. I am sure the parameters are not calculated and i am able to change them manually. So you think the problem could be with the familiy parameters?. I can try a few things like creating a new family with new parameters and get back to you. Here is the script and the familiy. Let me know if theres a problem downlading it. Thanks again Foundation Pad Excel to revit 2.dyn (17.5 KB) Footing-Rectangular.rfa (336 KB)

I think ive solved this issue, which im chuffed about, and it could well have been the parameters as you said. Though there was one or two other things which make me not 100% sure at the mo, so im going to hold off ticking this as solved just for the time being untill i’ve done a few more things with it. Thanks agian :+1: