Populating a Shared Sheet Parameter depending on Data in Another Shared Sheet Parameter

Hi all,

Super new to Dynamo, so apologies if this isn’t possible/really easy;

Up until now my practice has been manually inputting the Sheet status and status description onto the drawings (S3 - Issued for Comment, D2 - Issued for Tender, that sort of thing).
I’m looking to get these automatically reported on the titleblock, but of course in order to do this they need to be shared parameters to make labels.

In the sheet, I have 2 shared parameters; Sheet Status and Status Description. I would like the Status Description parameter to be automatically populated depending on what is typed into the Sheet Status. For example, if the Sheet Status is D2, I want the Status Description to say Issued for Tender.

Using Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.3 if that helps