Populate Areas with combined Unit ID


Hello guys,
I am new on Dynamo and I am not sure if what I amtrying to do is possible or not.
What I need is to do is populate one parameter with the sum of areas.
In order to do this what I need to do is:
1.Collect Areas that belong to a particular Area Scheme.
2.Sum Areas that share the same Unit ID parameter
3.With this list what I need to do is populate the Combined Area Parameter within the selected Areas, this is my problem!
The number of items on the sum list is less than the number of Areas I need to populate.
Let’s say that for example I have a unit with 3 levels and I would like to populate the three areas with the same sum of the 3 levels, I do not know how to deal with these two lists with different items???


List.OfRepeatedItems or lacing and levels. Depending on how you are managing your data.


Just to make sure I’m understanding this…

Area Scheme 1 has 3 Areas (A, B, and C.)
You want to get the Total Scheme Area by summing the individual areas of Area A, Area B, and Area C.
You want to apply this Total Scheme Area to each Area (A, B, and C) in a parameter.

As @JacobSmall stated, you just need to repeat the total area value for each area or use levels to correctly map to the proper element.


list of repeated items?
Can you explain me, how that works
I want to use the Unit Id that we populate all the areas with
Many thanks!



Post a screenshot of your graph for more specific help.




We need to combine areas that belong to the same unit on different levels using the unit id parameter that these unit share.


Can you attach your graph and a stripped down version of your model (or a test model) so we can look into this?


These are a bit tough to follow - use a print screen or post sample files so we can see the whole story in one go.


sorry i am not allowed to add atachments


You next have to group the areas with the same key used to get the total area by unit.

After that you can use an Element.SetParameterValueByName, some lacing, and levels magic to finish the task.


7 areas on a new revit model
3 belongs to gia
4 belongs to nia
3 belongs to unit 01 on three different levels
1 belongs to unit 02 on level 0


i need to populate all the areas that belong to unit 01 with the same combined (sum)
i need to do that in a scheme with 300 units


when grouping using key i lose the id, so i cant populate set parameter value


List.GroupByKey will maintain any list of data in it’s current state if you’re using the node correctly - the list is the list of areas, the key is the unit type. The screenshot below accomplishes this task for rooms as an example for you to follow - notice the lacing and level settings on the element.setparameterbyname node at the end of the graph.


Thank you very much Jacob for your time, I cannot see some of the nodes in the graph, would you mind to divide it in two please?


Sorry - bad camera exports haunt me today it seams.


Great, thanks!
I am going to give it a go!!!


that works Jacob I wonder if you know any way I can filter the area scheme, like the upper part of the graph attached, I dont know how can connect the two???