How to get total unit area by number and set to shared parameter?

Hi everyone.
I’m struggling in automating an area tag that contain both gross and net area for a high-rise apartment project.
For example: I have a unit number 01 on level 01, that gross area: 150m2.
Net area: Interior (Living-room, kitchen, bath, bedroom): 130m2
Exterior (Balcony, loggia) : 15m2
Total: 145m2
The problem is I can’t get total net area which is 145m2 and then set it to a shared parameters in the area number 01 in the gross area plan. Any suggestion?
Many thanks.

Do you have an example graph and are all the parameters already in the project? Is it a single area with the various areas or many?

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Thanks JacobSmall, sorry for late reply, here is the Revit file.
What I want is get Area in the Net Rentable Schedule and set it to Net Rentable Parameter in the Gross Area Schedule.
So when I tag Unit in Gross Area plan, it will show both Gross Area and Net Area of that Unit.
(The reason is we started the concept design with gross area and now client request net rentable area at the same time.)
And by the way, can dynamo get area number in Gross area scheme and set it to area number in Net Rentable area scheme.
Many thanks.

Combine 2 Area to 1 Tag.rvt (1.4 MB)

So it’s basically transferring data from areas to rooms but from areas to areas.

Steps I would take in Dynamo:

  1. Get all areas and split out rentable and gross with a book filter or two.
  2. Find the location of the rentable areas as a point.
  3. Get the area boundaries for the gross areas and create a polyline for each.
  4. Do a polygon containment test for each point, and group by the results. Something like List.Clean(a==true?b:null,false) where a is the results of the polygon containment test and b is the rentable areas should do the trick.
  5. Get the area for each group of rentable areas and total the sum.
  6. Set each gross area’s “net rentable” value to this sum according to groups.

This won’t be a live link so as areas change you will need to re-run the graph. Give it a try and post back if you get stuck so we can help troubleshoot.

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Thanks JacobSmall, I did give it a try for the number first and get stuck here when they all show as Empty List.
Could you have a look? Many thanks.
Gross Area Number to Net Rentable Number.dyn (17.7 KB)


Interesting to read your post! Especially since I’m struggling with the same issue.
I was trying out a different approach through reccurent area numbers.
The complete numbers of my “GBO” area is part of the “VG” areas which I want to link as “containing string”.

Manually I got the scheme to work, but I can’t get it to work as an automated proces for all the areas.
The part in the red circle is the part I would like to link together, but can’t figure out how as I’m a Dynamo newbie.
Maybe if someone can help out to make the missing link this scheme can be helpful to you as well?

ps. sorry for the dutch named parameters in the scheme, hopefully you still understand the meaning of the functions.

Greetz, Erwin

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