Doors inside Rooms inside Areas

In a project I am working we have 3 elements that we need to exchange data: Doors Rooms & Areas.

Areas are used to get the whole flat area and Rooms for separate room areas.

What we are looking for is to apply a Unit parameter in all 3 of these, input that once in the Area element and then get this to automatically fill the Unit parameter for the Rooms and the Doors.

If the Unit is filled at the Room elements then of course this can be picked from the ToRoom or FromRoom option of the schedules but then this has to be filled manually on every single room of the Flat.

Any Suggestions?


Hi Stavros,

I am not sure if i read you correctly, Are you looking to add values to your Unit parameter. If the parameter is one and you have 3 categories you can use custom node called “Set One Parameter to many Elements” from Luke Johnson’s Package.



I found what i was looking for here:

but I can’t get it to work in 0.8.1 it looks like there are some nodes missing from the Blackbox package

Any ideas how can I get all the rooms and their location points from one level?


Hi Stavros, Here is another method which shows how to get Area Number and then apply that number to the corresponding Rooms.

Thanks Kulkul, that’s brilliant. I will have a go at getting the boolean mask work when rooms have random names. Thanks so much.

I am having problems with Tool.GetSurroundingElements node, sometimes it stops running properly and returns an empty list with the same set of data that previously worked.

Any ideas? Can i use another node to get rooms inside areas? Thanks

Well this seems to work when the Area Plan is active in Revit!!