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Hi all,

New to Dynamo… Probably a very simple problem to address. I’d just like to total the area of specific wall types which will be exported to excel and used for building cost estimating. Problem is, the Area will not list when using GetParameterValueByName. Any help here? I will be repeating the process for each wall type, floor type, ceiling type, window type, door type ect…


Hi Ian,

Area is an Instance Parameter for walls. Currently your feeding as a Type. You could collect all walls and then filter walls by specific type to get wall area or use custom node from clockwork package called “All Elements of FamilyType(Universal)” to get walls by type as shown below. Good Luck!


Yes KulKul! This works! Thank you for your help!

Here is the final result (without row and column data entered):

Thanks again!

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I have a couple of questions for you Kulkul:

  1. I’m attempting to use the same nodes that you specify in your post, but I’m not able to get the Math.Sum node to give me any output. Why do you think that is?

  2. I’m performing the same action with lower layer of nodes however it won’t even accumulate the area parameter value. Why do you think that is?

Re-post your image. It’s not clear. And also could you expand errors.

I figured it out, when I expanded the error I discovered that there were nulls which means that there were empty areas in my project, I ran the dynamo script that gets rid of the empty areas and then re-ran the Area sum script and it worked. Now I just need to figure out how to sort and then sum by area names on each individual level and I’ll have a useful script. This is my second Dynamo Script it’s a little confusing going from Revit to programming, but I think that it’s starting to make sense. Thanks for the speedy response.

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I have the names of the Areas listed by name along with Areas Area parameter value, but I have some null values which don’t have the word Townhome in the name which I want to filter out of the list. Is there any advise on how I can accomplish this?

Kulkul, Where able to make since of my image?

Hi @usamah.hayes

What’s your query? Sorry i am not able to understand.