Creating wall finishes from rooms


First of all please bear with I am a newbie.

It might that this topic has been brought to the surface, but the purpose from this post is to learn from you why this script can not work especially when trying to offset curves with the springs.curve.offset+. as showcased in the attachment
Thank you very much

can you share the .dyn file? So that the problem can be replicated at our end

May be that the node is expecting a single curve…

but interpreting input curves as a variable might be essential, though the extracted definition does offset when reference to the function is removed, though the offset normal for curves from this rectangular basic room appear to have their normals all over the place.

For the above workflow, it appears you are looking to generate lines inside the defining walls of your rooms to draw wall linings, correct?

You could use the OOTB node for offsetting a joined polycurve?

Or use Revits built in functions/parameters for wall build-up?

Thanks a lot Ewan_Opie your reply helped me figure out other workflows.

So I tried to create two other workflows and the main problem (at my knowing) is within the Wall.ByCurveAndLevels node.

The first is based on what Ewan_Opie has exposed on his reply:

As you can see from the above illustration, somehow the wall creation node(Wall.ByCurveAndLevels) is not recognizing (in my reasoning of course) the curves offset using the polycurve.offset node.

Where in the second I tried to reach the surface input of the Wall.ByFace node through boundaries extrusion, and the same problem was there with the Wall.ByCurveAndLevels node

And there is the exercice file I am using

Thank you for your assistance

I had a play with feeding multiple configurations of single/multiple surfaces and curves into the Wall.ByFace node with no sucess…strange.

More luck with the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight though. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help man, I will try something else and keep you informed

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Hi @Ewan_Opie
I am still with no clue on the curve node, but I will try something else.
It looks like there is a package out made by “Modelical”, who used Python script for the purpose of making finishing walls and attaching them to the bounding walls.