Polycurve Offset Error


When offsetting a Polycurve with coplanar curves I am getting the following error:

Warning: PolyCurve.Offset operation failed.
Unable to compute edge from curve : IG_CURVE_NON_G0 – Curve is G0 discontinuous.

Any idea of how to get around this? I am trying to offset lines in order to generate a new set of points for mullion placement. Thanks!

PolyCurve Offset Error

Hi Rafael,

Did you ever solve this issue, as i am having the same problem offsetting a polycurve that is just made of arcs and lines so should be simple.

I was not able to solve this and had to switch to another method. I would recommend to offset the lines individually and then trim them together with Spring Node’s “Springs.LineLoop.Merge.”

I have coded it all now to individually offset and trim all the lines but now they won’t join together, think it something to do with the point order or the curves i can get them to join Arc + Line in sets but not as one single chain of curves. Hope they solve the offset issue soon.

Solved the issue by changing by scaling the geometry so i was working in Metres in Dynamo then scaling it back to mm for Revit.

Issue seemed to be a tolerance issue it seems.

Spoke to soon… the offset gives me a Nurbs curves not arcs and lines back again :frowning:

Would be better if you provide us with files and screen shots to look at.

Is there a way to internalise data into a dynamo file so i only send the curves in the dynamo file and not the linked Revit file that i can’t share.

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You could try SerializeAsSAB, but it might be easier to just isolate relevant geometry and create a small file.