Create wall by floor boundary?


I already get the floor boundary from LunchBox Floor Element Collector

what is the next?



i was try to use Create Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node

but how to <span style=“color: #222222;”>convert the line to a curve?</span>

ok i found that is my mistake the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node can use line to work





but when i use poly curve offset the boundary

i can’t create the wall again.
2-9-2015 6-05-02 PM

What’s that error message?

Warning: Wall.ByCurveAndHeight operation failed.

To BSPlineCurve Not Implemented
2-10-2015 9-07-45 AM

I wonder if its because of the fact that offsetting those curves in, might have created NurbsCurves which Revit supports, but in a very specific way. I am not sure what the ToBSpline method is, but it fails. My guess is that you would be best suited to make sure that none of the curves that you feed into wall node are Nurbs Curves. Try joining them into a single PolyCurve, then divide to get points along it ever so often, then create a PolyLine from those points. I am guessing that Revit can handle polylines better than Nurbs.

Using a Geometry.explode node before creating the walls solved for me. Just don’t ask me why.

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